Women are 49.7 percent in the world. Still, the world has made many advances but gender gap in still being seen in many things.

Before, Islam the women of Arab world women have no rights to take decisions according to their own choice. There all life is according to the choice of their family members. Their education, life partner, career decision even their freedom all depends on the other members of the family. They have obeyed them and still well behave with them. They are not allowed to behave badly or speak in front of them. But after the Islam women of the Arab world got its rights, Islam teaches the Arab world the right way to treat them.

 Arab world and women violence:

Many countries still have no law against the domestic violence. Women who behave badly with their family or act against their wishes they are attacked or even killed by their male members in the family. In the Arab world, men have the power over the women, and the women have behaved according to their wishes otherwise, they are killed by a male member in honour crimes.

Deprived of rights:

In many countries in Arab world depending upon the community still, women have very little control of their life. Many women are forced to marry against the still will and even behave good, and according to the values, they have been taught. They have no right to speak against the decision. Family restriction and responsibilities do not allow Arab women to work. Even when they are eligible and educated, they are discriminated in the job and workplace. In Iran, women are also restricted to cover them themselves when in public.


Health issues in Arab world women:

Women in the Arab world have to behave according to the other member tell them. This is why many women suppressing their own wishes and not having the right to behave and talk according to their own way is leading them towards the depression. This region is ranked high among depression in women than the others. Women between the age of 14 to 50 are the most affected by depression.

Women of the Arab world have rights, but still, they have to act according to their religion in which the men have the superiority. They admit this thing and do all the work and make final decisions with first concerning their male members in the family. The women of the Arab world have to behave all like as they have been taught by their religion.

Islamic Arabic countries have now given rights to women in every field. Their women are working outside but in limits that they have been told.

The Arab world has made many advances, but still, women are treated somehow not bad as early but still don’t have such rights as other women in the world have. The Arab world women have to behave with manners and policy, not to show their faces to one they don’t know, covering themselves fully when going outside the homes.