Social media is a popular outlet for people to use in order to stay in touch with friends and to share pictures and details with those they allow to see their virtual lives. Social media is a way for people to connect, especially for those who live in different states or in different countries. The most popular apps of social media are FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each site poses different ways for organisations to connect with their customers. For organisations in today’s society, social media has become a means of attracting more business, handling customer service, and it’s a way to quickly update customers of changes or new promotions in a quick and easy way, for all to see.


Organizations who use FaceBook hold a higher advantage amongst their competitors who choose not to use FaceBook. Through FaceBook, organizations can have a whole page dedicated to what their services are such as an overview, photos, and hours. FaceBook creates a mini website for the businesses. Additionally, a lot of the older generations use FaceBook as a means of connecting with their families, so businesses who use FaceBook will generate a lot of web traffic to their pages from users from the older generations, with a few younger users mixed in. Furthermore, FaceBook is also a popular way organizations are handling customer service issues. For example, a user can write to a company like Target via FaceBook, with an issue, and customer service representatives from Target can contact the customer with an issue, and resolve it via social media.


Organizations who use Twitter are limited to how much information they post to users since Twitter has a 140 character limit. The important thing for organizations to remember about Twitter is that the age level of their audience changes. Twitter users are generally younger than FaceBook users and that is who organizations are trying to attract to their businesses. But, a company who utilizes Twitter is able to update their customers rapidly about any changes, such as a change in hours or to notify their customers of a new promotion that they are offering. For example, a company like Starbucks can tweet to their customers saying they have a new drink coming out, thus having customers of Starbucks flock to their nearest location to try the new drink. Even those who are not customers of Starbucks can see that they are coming out with a new drink, via Twitter, and it could possibly spark some curiosity in the individual, causing them too to go out to their nearest Starbucks and try their newest drink.


Instagram attracts a younger demographic like Twitter but unlike FaceBook and Twitter, Instagram users can only post pictures with a caption. Marketing for businesses via Instagram may be the easiest form of communication on social media. The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” categorizes Instagram best. A company is simply able to post a picture of what products they are selling, and their customers can see and comment about the product. Customers are able to tell whether or not they would like to purchase a product or become a customer of a company by seeing pictures. For organizations, having an Instagram that showcases what the organization has to offer is vital to the success of the company. A company like Nike can post a picture of their new shoes on Instagram and it allows users to interact with the picture. If the consumers see a picture of the product and like it, they will flock to the stores or purchase the product online, thus increasing sales and the annual revenue of the company.

The Power of Hashtags on Instagram

Posting an attractive picture on Instagram is sure to boost traffic through the Instagram page. But the key is in the hashtags put in the caption of the attractive picture. For example, if a florist posts a beautiful picture of a sunflower to their Instagram, those who follow and see the picture may like it. But, if the florist includes hashtags like, “#sunflower, #pretty, and #flower” in their caption, those hashtags can be seen by anyone who searches for those specific hashtags. Essentially, if another user searches the hashtag sunflower, they can see the florist’s picture of the sunflower and like it, thus attracting more users to the business and increasing interest and sales into the organization.

Networking with LinkedIn

Networking on social media is vital in order to get jobs. LinkedIn is a popular site that individuals use in order to find jobs and to network with other coworkers, past and present. LinkedIn is essentially an online resume because it allows you to post your skills, past and present job experience, among other tools that potential employers can read and learn more information. If LinkedIn is fully utilized, the user has the potential to boost the amount of job offers they get, especially if that individual has multiple connections through past coworkers. Without this form of social media, people would not be able to connect as the technology of society is ever changing.

Learning Through Social Media

Through social media, people are able to collaborate and learn more easily, across the globe. The best example of this is through a popular collection of videos of someone cooking and sharing recipes. The videos are not long, and are passed along through the chains of social media for all to watch and learn. The recipes are simple, and show the watcher how to cook whatever is shown in the video in the easiest fashion. Then, users will share the video and recipe with their friends, and those people will share it with their friends, and so on. But through social media, people are able to learn how to do things faster, and share their new learnings with their friends so everyone can be full of the new knowledge.

The Gift Social Media Has Given

Social media has gifted the world with a different form of communication. Years ago, people used to write handwritten letters to loved ones in order to communicate with one another from a distance. Then came the radios and telephones which again, were different ways of spreading a message across to different people, everywhere. Now, with today’s technology of computers improving daily, people are able to connect via social media with virtually anyone, anywhere. People can connect about anything, whether they are talking about their favorit animal, discussing politics, or laughing about a picture together through social media. Essentially, social media has connected and united the world, virtually.