Planning traveling trips has to go down the list as one of the most hectic things to manage. Traveling can be a lot like shifting to a whole new place temporarily. There are endless questions that travelers may have and plenty of arrangements that they need to make before they can safely set off on a trip. This is where the imperative role of travel guides steps in. Travel guides ensure people are well aware about the destinations to visit, the routes to be taken, the things to pack, and other arrangements to be made in accordance to the travel trip. It is absolutely essential for a travel guide to know about these things. Following are the things a travel guide must know about traveling:


Contact with travel agencies and relevant information regarding the travel is very important for the travel guide to know. The route to be taken should be selected and planned. The possibilities of all likely hurdles on the journey should be meticulously considered and avoided. The travel guide must know the distance to be traveled, the time to be taken and the vehicle to be used for the travel. Knowledge of these matters able the travel guides to guide their travel clients.

Culture and Landscape

Another important job for the travel guides is to research about the culture and landscape of the area that their clients have to visit. This helps them to guide their clients on what to wear and how to behave according to the social standards of that area. With this information the travelers can pack their baggage accordingly, taking along only the things that they may need. Travel guides also brief their travel clients on the general idea of the staple food of the area. This helps the travelers to be aware of the limitations on the food, share with friends via followers from followersin and other items available in that area so that they know what they are expecting when they reach there, after their travel.

Awareness about the landscape of the area guides people to pack their clothing in accordance with the general weather of that area. For instance if the place they are traveling to has cold or hot climate. Knowing the landscape ensures people take the necessary equipment along required for the planned activities, for instance a swimsuit for swimming or trekking or camping kit.


Travel guides must convey the basic outline of the legal system of the country that the travelers intend to visit. Sometimes the laws of a nation can be shockingly different, such as a law in Turkey stating prison sentence for insulting the president. This has been demonstrated in the past where a man was charged with defamation and sentenced to eleven months in prison for making an offensive cartoon regarding President Tayyip Erdoğan. In Thailand, a factory worker posted a sarcastic message about the King’s dog on the internet and he currently faces thirty-seven years in prison for the crime known as ‘insulting royalty’. Such laws are absurd and unique as they are not followed internationally. For someone who is traveling to these countries, it is imperative they are aware of such existing laws. And the responsibility of this falls on the travel guides to brief their clients on such matters.